Don Rickles - Planet of the Apes

Don Rickles on the Planet of the Apes

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Let’s preface this by saying it’s pretty silly and certainly captures the more innocent humor of its time, but back in 1973 — the same year that Battle for the Planet of the Apes was released — comedian Don Rickles (modern audiences know him as the voice of Mr. Potatohead in the Toy Story franchise) had a TV special. In it, he and (supposedly) Get Smart star Don Adams appeared in an Apes sketch with makeup that looks like it came right out of the films. Mike Rogers of YouTube channel Mego73, writes, “This skit is with full Planet of the Apes makeup. One of the people in ape makeup is Don Rickles while the other should be Don Adams, although it doesn’t sound at all like him, so I wonder ….” We’ll never know the answer, but enjoy the short clip.

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