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‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’: Cast & Crew Update

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Things on the 10th Planet of the Apes film, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, are moving along much faster than anyone had anticipated, with the film already in production and scheduled for a 2024 release. Needless to say, there are continuing to be announcements about cast and crew members, and this will be our place to round up who’s who in the production.

The studio has obviously gotten very excited, with 20th Century’s Steve Asbell saying in a statement, “Planet of the Apes is one of the most iconic and storied science fiction franchises in film history, as well as being an indelible part of our studios’ legacy. With Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes we are privileged to continue the series’ tradition of imaginative, thought-provoking cinema, and can’t wait to share Wes’ extraordinary vision for this new chapter with audiences in 2024.”

Here’s the latest casting, courtesy of Deadline — though it should be pointed out that we don’t know what roles anyone is playing.

Travis Jeffery

Spin Out, (aka Circle Work), From Left: Melissa Bergland, Travis Jeffery, 2016. © Sony Pictures
Spin Out, (aka Circle Work), From Left: Melissa Bergland, Travis Jeffery, 2016. © Sony Pictures (Everett Collection)

Born in Melbourne Australia on April 12, 1989, he’s a Grammy winner for the 2011 album Tomorrow’s Children. He began appearing on television in a number of miniseries, including Anzac Girls and Devil’s Playground (both 2014), Gallipoli (2015), Changed Forever: The Making of Australia (2016) and Rotten (2021). There have been a number of episodic TV appearances as well, both in America and Australia; and recent feature films such as Dark Whispers: Volume 1 (2019), Bloody Hell (2020) and Before Dawn (2022).

Neil Sandilands

The 100, Neil Sandilands, 'thirteen', (season 3, Ep. 307, Aired March 3, 2016). Photo: Liane
The 100, Neil Sandilands (Everett Collection)

Born Neil Joseph William Sandilands on May 1, 1975 in South Africa, he is both an actor and a filmmaker. His career started in South America when from 2000 to 2007 he starred in the series 7de Laan. He moved to Los Angeles for three years, but returned home to start in films and learn elements of production, and then he returned to Hollywood in 2014. As he explained regarding his journey to the States, “I had to revert to other disciplines such as directing and post-production and sometimes built fences for my neighbors or some other unmentionable activities to simply keep the wolf at bay.”

While he guest starred on a 2015 episode of The Americans, he had recurring roles in the CW sci-fi series The 100, SundanceTV’s Hap and Leonard and the CW superhero series The Flash in the part of Clifford DeVoe (aka The Thinker).

Sara Wiseman

Tcdplto Ec016
Sara Wiseman and Craig Hall in A Place to Call Home (Everett Collection)

She was born on May 27, 1972 in Auckland, New Zealand and has had a very successful career both there and in Australia. She started her career by guest starring on Sam Raimi produced shows Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, followed by a starring role in the show Mercy Peak. Other TV series in which she was featured include Outrageous Fortune, The Cult, Shortland Street, Crownies, The Almighty Johnsons, A Place to Call Home and One Lane Bridge. She was also featured on Peacock’s One of Us is Lying.

Ras-Samuel Welda’abzgi


At this point we don’t know a lot about him, beyond the fact that he was born February 20, 1997 in Ethiopia. He appeared in a 2018 episode of the series Neighbours, and then had roles in Throbbin’ 84 (2017), Found in a Dream (2019), and Westermarck Effect (2022). He’s a regular in the Australian series The Clearing, which will debut next year.

Lydia Peckham

Tcdcobe Zx017
Jan Uddin and Lydia Peckham in Netflix series Cowboy Bebop (Everett Collection)

Here’s her official biography: Lydia is a multi-faceted and incredibly talented performer. When she’s not filming projects like Netflix US series Cowboy Bebop and Apple TV series MR. Corman, she’s writing, directing and filming her own work ( She recently premiered her solo show Explore The Brain, which received outstanding reviews and sold out audiences. Other credits include a lead role in Chinese/New Zealand co-production feature film Only Cloud Knows, with Chinese mega director Xaiogang Feng; Shortland Street, The Wonder and True Love.

Lydia is about to start filming a recurring role on SIS, a series that has been picked up by a major UK network. Lydia is a graduate of Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School and has received several awards including the 2016 Museum Hotel Scholarship which is granted to one third year Toi Whakaari student as a recognition of excellence. Her stage credits include lead roles in Uneasy Dreams and Other Things, The Tempest, Romeo And Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, M.A.V. and Hotel Europa. In 2013 she trained at the Globe Theatre in London and she will be on the 2021 judging panel for the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand. Lydia is to star in the upcoming feature film Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes by 20th Century Studios.

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